I wanted to reach out to you and let you know what a profound impact you had for me.  It was just over a year and a half ago that I was hired by Full House and I went to your class where you taught us about Fair Housing and the “Art of Leasing” is what I like to call it.  You were engaging, proficient and a pleasure to listen to.  My first assignment was at Berkshire Dilworth, and the first day I was asked by the regional manager if I wanted to work for them for the next month.  Long story short, I never left.  They bought a property in Fort Mill in November of 2018 and I have been here ever since.  I was inspired by your experience and I took away a lot of valuable tricks of the trade that I still use to this day……how I answer the phone, how to present benefits to a prospect picking my property, and a general enthusiasm for this industry.  Because of your training I was recently awarded the “Be Different” certificate and a $200 bonus.    You are a sensational teacher and I hope you continue because I know I’m not the only person who you’ve made an impression on.   - Rebecca M.  Leasing Consultant 

                           Full House Training & Marketing

This was the best Fair Housing training in my 14 years in the Property Management Industry! The Cultural Diversity topic was not sugar-coated but truthful information.
This should be offered in all industries. Thank you Full House Marketing! Thank you for presenting my Diamond Award years ago I keep it polished. 
Michelle Kittrell-Thomas, PTAA Attendee September 2020 


Rebecca, Thank you so much for presenting for the Apartment Association of Kansas City! Your presentation, Getting to "I Do", Again and Again, was very well received and our members learned a great deal about how to keep the resident romance alive! Not only was the seminar extremely informative, you made it interactive,

memorable and very necessary for anyone in the leasing and apartment industry!

AAKC highly recommends Rebecca and looks forward to working with her again in the future! 

Phoebe Burns, Director of Education and Communications, AAKC 10/2019


It was a great pleasure to meet you on Tuesday and attend your Leasing Consultant class. Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful class and allowing me to attend. As I am new to the leasing industry, there were many lessons taught, which I had not yet received. I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to learn from you, "the  Leasing Queen". In regards to your desire to one day be able to lease abroad, please keep me in mind. It would be such a joy to work along side of you and your team.  I hope to see you again in October as I will be attending the NALP training. I cannot thank you enough for the experience you have given me. My perspective has certainly been elevated because of your class.  Thank You,  Colby Harris


"When we began planning to bring in an outside speaker for our “customer service week” celebration, I was skeptical.  I had historically given these sorts of presentation myself and, frankly, worried about turning my flock over to someone else.  Based on her reputation, and the urging of colleagues, I agreed to have Rebecca come in and present to our team on customer service.  I’m glad I did.  She tailored her message to our theme of “building trust” and gave a presentation that was memorable, informative, and instructive.  She had our group laughing and participating, while thoughtfully challenging them to all make a difference and step up their customer service game.  In the 2 weeks since the event, I’ve heard team members referring back to things she said and lessons that she taught.  I definitely recommend considering Rebecca as a speaker or trainer for your group. "

Thanks, Greg                     
Greg Smith | Vice President, Client Services.  General Manager, Yardi Raleigh.   

Industry friends! If you have an employee that is new to the industry or just needs to be brushed up on leasing/fair housing, THIS is the perfect class. I have to give a little bit of a shout out to the lovely Rebecca Rosario because this was the first class I ever attended in my career and literally change the game for me. I started out as a part
time leasing consultant, really just looking for my next check and not really knowing what I wanted to do with my life. This class not only helped me understand my position more but sparked my passion in the industry. After coming across this email and in light of my recent transition in my career, I knew I had to share it. Thank you for everything, Rebecca! Natalie Ross 


The pleasure was all ours!  Your training session was excellent, informative, entertaining and applicable to all.   I will pass out the evaluations to the other RPMs and ask them to distribute and return.  I will also get the photos to you. I appreciate you!   Kind regards,  Lori S. Sharp, CAPS Regional Property Manager S.L. Nusbaum Realty Co.

This agency is the best ever you guy's rock... Thank you for reaching out to us I cant speak for everyone but this email means the world  o me.

Again thank you and you guy's rock...
Lisa Simmons


 I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the amazing training I had the opportunity  to have with you ! I remember coming out of restaurant management after 22 years I knew nothing about renting apartments,  couldn't get my foot in the door .  Then full house gave me a  chance I remember going through the training and your last words to me ....You can be a so so leasing agent  or you can be a super star.   I stay on top and go the extra mile ,I have been told I am the best leasing agent  they have ever meet.  I am what you teach  and when anyone ask how I became so good I always mention your name . It was so great to see you and to  thank you for giving me a chance at a different career in my life.   Thank you so much.   Pamela Fuqua


In March of 2015 my property was sitting at 90% and trending down to 84% 8 weeks out. My staff and I were not seeing eye to eye and team moral and was low. We all believed that we knew what we needed to do but we did not know how to work well as a team and reach our goals. In desperation, I reached out to Rebecca one afternoon and asked if she could help.  Honestly, I didn't have much hope. Much to my surprise, after just a few phone calls and a few emails Rebecca was able to customize and create a leadership program that focused not only on helping us communicate and be more effective but more importantly she empowered each one of individually. She gave us the tools and resources necessary to become better employees, partners and overall people. Since our training, team moral has boosted tremendously, we understand how to work well as a team and have learned to effectively communicate our needs of one another to one another. Our property has increased to 97% occupied trending to 95% 8 weeks out! I feel confident that our success is largely due to the training that Rebecca so graciously offered. As a leader, my confidence has increased, the ability to support my staff has increased and my overall personal relationships have become better because of the things I learned in our workshops. I would highly recommend Rebecca Rosario and have dubbed her as the "Go to Girl" for anything involved in relationship building, leading, and team building. After all we are nothing without our team. 
- Erica T.    Community Leader,  Legacy at Wakefield 


"...one of my marketing associates who attend the High-Speed E-Leasing class, and all the knowledge that she walked away with. I just had to share this with you. I never hesitate to send any of my employees to attend a seminar that you have, because the outcome that I receive in return is just wonderful."
-Judy Wade, Trademark Residential (High-Speed E-Leasing - Raleigh, NC)
 "As Always, enjoyed the presentation, lots of info to start working on immediately!"
-Monique Hernandez, Marketing Manager GSC (Low Cost No Cost Marketing - Raleigh, NC)
 "Rebecca was great! Never got bored."
-Victor Garcia of Crosland (High-Speed E-Leasing - Raleigh, NC)
"Rebecca made me feel wonderful about the career change that I am making by giving me the best skills to start with!"
-Jessica Smith (It's Showtime)
 "Great info. Something every person can use in both their personal and professional life."
-Kelly P. (Act Safe NAA - Las Vegas, NV)
 "I really learned a lot about closing, it is one of the hardest things about our jobs… should come easier now." 
-Connie Vinson of Legacy at Friendly Manor (It's Showtime! - Fayetteville, NC)
"Thank you, By far the best training class!!"  -Autumn Hubert (It's Showtime! - Fayetteville, NC)
"Amazing and very insightful." -Diane De La Rosa (Phone Fun - Greensboro, NC)
"The workshop definitely met my expectations and gave me many great ideas that I had never thought of. I liked the fair housing review and the closing techniques.The emphasis on phone calls was great since I see it as one of my weaker areas. Thank you so much."    -Kelly Triplett (It's Showtime)

"I laughed, I cried.  It was better than ‘Cats’!"   -Thomas Rasberry (It's Showtime - Raleigh, NC)
 "Rebecca is always great and gives such a different look!"  -Elizabeth Ann Folger of Capstone Management (It's Showtime - Raleigh, NC)
"Thank you Rebecca! I have learned so much today and I feel more confident."  -Melissa Elliot (High Speed E-Leasing)

Full House Staffing

"Full House Marketing was a gracious stepping stone in my young career.  My name is Derek and after college Full House enabled me to establish myself as an independent adult in an unstable economy. The application process was too easy! I had a job in less than a week and the pay was above par compared to any other temporary staffing company in the market.    Thank you Full House Marketing!  Go Team Purple!!" 

Derek V.  Solutions Architect


“It was a pleasure speaking with you both about opportunities with your organization.  Your enthusiasm and passion about what you do was refreshing.  Too many times I have spoken with people that give off the vibe that the only reason they were a part of a military recruiting event is because it is their job.  You really care about helping the military community find positions within your organization that best fit their skill set.  Thank you!”

- Chauncy D.