$169 In Person

(includes printed workbook, refreshments & lunch)
$139 Virtual (includes workbook PDF)


Welcome and Opening (8:30)

Module One (9:00-10:30)

1. Overview of Renting Sales Process (through the eyes of a renter)

2. Telephone Techniques

3. Telephone + Virtual using websites 

4. Uncovering needs and wants (questioning techniques)

BREAK: 10:30-10:45

Module Two (10:45-12:15)

1. Telephone shop one comp

2. Questioning Techniques 

3. Fair Housing

4. Intro to virtual leasing

LUNCH: 12:15-1:15

Module Three (1:15-2:45)

1. Preparing for the Physical Tour 

2. Preparing for the Virtual Tour

3. Preparing Yourself (Your personal brand/image)

4. E-Leads 

BREAK: 2:45-3:00

Module Four: (3:00-4:30)

1. Closing Techniques 

2. Overcoming Objections 3. Follow Up

4. Next steps to leasing and growing your abilities

Wrap Up: 4:30-4:45

LIVE, VIRTUAL, INTERACTIVE.. near 360 degree
Leasing 101 Experience

Call for upcoming dates!

 Our FIRST HYBRID TRAINING EVER! There is room for a maximum of six students for in person learning at the Full House Marketing Training Room in Durham/RTP

(socially distant-ONE person per 2 person table). 

25 virtual attendees via brand new, state of the art audio/video technology, allowing interaction between physical and virtual learners.

Do you want to increase your leasing staff’s closing ratio? Has your leasing team become tour guides as opposed to leasing professionals? Would you like your leasing team to lease more apartments?  Is your team still struggling with virtual tours?
“Leasing 101” will provide your leasing staff with the tools on how to “take charge” instead of “touring.” This seminar is an excellent opportunity for beginners, as well as leasing veterans/assistant managers/managers who may want to brush up on their skills. Participants will walk away with practical techniques that will enable them to take control of the leasing process and produce more leases for your community! 

Results Include: 
• Transform E-lead and telephone prospects into virtual leases or excited visitors that lease
• Understand how to uncover needs and wants and gather prospect information with ease
• Customize your presentation to include virtual demonstrations 
• Learn the difference between preparing a physical presence and a virtual one
• Properly demonstrate your product by learning the right sequence and staying in control 
• Creating impact through feature/benefit selling 
• Use proven strategies to overcome objections and deal with “tough” personalities 
• Show me the Money! Closing and asking for the deposits

​​Contact Rebecca today to talk more about how she can assist you and your team!